The Internal Marketing Podcast

Episode #13 - How Culture Impacts Employee Engagement (with Tiffany Castagno)

Episode Summary

Culture is not only HR's job. It's marketing's job too. And for marketers who want to build a strong brand, it starts with having engaged employees who want to deliver on the brand promise. Tiffany Costagno joins me to discuss how to create the kind of company culture that helps employee engagement to thrive. Season 2 of The Internal Marketing Podcast is sponsored by Workshop.

Episode Notes

Bad employee reviews of a company can do as much damage as poor customer reviews.

Why? You won't be able to retain and attract top talent; you won't be able to consistently deliver on your brand promise to your customers; and employees won't be motivated to advocate for the company brand. This is where company culture comes in. Toxic company cultures can help to make or break a company brand. 

And, culture is not just HR's job. Everyone owns culture and, you guessed it, marketing should play a huge role in culture-building as well.

Transformative HR consultant, Tiffany Castagno, joins me in this episode to share:

  1. Why marketers even need to care about the company's culture;
  2. How culture can help or hurt employee engagement; and
  3. How marketing can help to create a strong company culture.

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Tiffany is a Transformative HR Curator of Culture and the CEO of  CEPHR. You can follow her awesome content on LinkedIn (; or check out her company website at Also, check out her book "Can a Zebra Change Its Stripes?" (

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The next episode will be published on November 24.