The Internal Marketing Podcast

Episode #24 - Building Thought Leadership to Grow the Brand (with Bill Sherman)

Episode Summary

Thought leadership builds trust with your target customer, and helps keeps your brand top-of-mind, until they're ready to buy. Bill Sherman, COO of Thought Leadership Leverage, will share how you can create a culture of thought leadership among your employees, to help build the company brand (the employees' personal brands too).

Episode Notes

Building a culture of thought leadership internally, with your employees, helps to equip your marketing and sales teams with ideas, to drive conversations with your target customers. 

Sharing those ideas over time, builds trust with your audience, especially among prospective buyers. And, when they trust you, those prospective buyers will remember you and, likely, choose you, when they're ready to buy.

In this episode, you'll learn how you can build a culture of thought leadership, with company employees, to help grow the company brand, and employees' personal brands as well.

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Bill Sherman helps people take their ideas to scale through thought leadership. He's been in the field for over twenty years, and he focuses on crafting thought leadership strategy and creating impact through campaigns. 

Bill works with individuals and organizational clients as the COO of Thought Leadership Leverage. Like most thought leadership practitioners, he didn't expect to land in this field. In his 30s, he expected to be an academic teaching English Lit and Drama to undergraduates. And then he spent a decade in Org Development consulting for Fortune 500s before landing in thought leadership.

These days, Bill regularly speaks about thought leadership--as the host of the monthly OrgTL Roundtable, the co-host of the "Leveraging Thought Leadership" podcast, and on social media such as LinkedIn. 

On a personal level -- Bill is a survivor of complete heart failure, a dedicated runner, and a recreational baker. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can follow Bill's musings on thought leadership on LinkedIn.


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Kerry-Ann is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the JMMB Group, a financial services group of companies, headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, with operations across the Caribbean. She is also the producer and host of The Internal Marketing Podcast, a personal passion project that was borne out of her belief that a company's growth and marketing strategies can't succeed, unless company employees (its most powerful advocates) are authentically engaged and empowered to deliver on the brand promise and to become advocates of the company brand. You can follow and connect with Kerry-Ann on LinkedIn (


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